Visio Roller


The system is a combination of software and hardware.




Visio Roller
Visio Roller
Visio Roller


  • Basic Training - Four Training Sessions (Forward, Backward, Rotate)
  • Advanced Training - Six Training Sessions (User have to use higher executive functions)
  • Sightseeing Mode - Five Sightseeing Locations



Software Operation System


Operation System Windows7, 64bit
Measuring Speed Range 0.1km/h~2.95km/h
Measured resolution of Motion sensor     6.33mm/s





Technical Specification

  • Height 1600mm
  • Width 1100mm
  • Length 2800mm
  • Weight 152kg
  • Max weight capacity (including the wheelchair) 100kg
  • Recommended Wheelchair :
    Self-propelled wheelchair
    where Rear wheel = 16-24 inch, Width ‹ 700mm
  • Power Supply Unit : Input Power 100 – 240V AC, 0.5~0.5A, 50/60Hz