Kineto Upper Extremity

Our orthopaedic and rehabilitation products comprise of a variety of adjustable rehabilitation braces for support, protection and rehabilitation of different musculoskeletal parts after injury or surgery.


Adjustable Elbow Splint with Handle

Adjustable Elbow Splint with a handle is designed to be used in a post-operative period without damaging the healing tissue. Its articulation with the handle part provides full support and ergonomic support for hand and minimise the loading.



Product Features

  • The Hinge bars extendable from 16" - 20" (40.6cm - 50.8cm) which fits for most patients.
  • Protected elbow range of motion from 0° to 120° and/or lock the arm in any position from 0° to 120° in 10° increments.
  • Facilitates healing by maintaining proper post-op positioning.
  • Comfortable with a removable hand handle adjustable strap for the neck with separate neck pad.
  • The handgrip ball can help to promote blood circulation of the arm.


  • Elbow stiffness
  • Dislocations
  • Ulnar Lateral Collateral Ligament (ULCL) Injuries
  • Articular problems
  • Brachialis Anterior muscle problems
  • Trauma involving fractures
  • Elbow instabilities
  • Postoperative treatment after elbow stabilisation



Arm Sling




  • Reduces shoulder pain
  • Prevents further injury
  • Provides immobilisation
  • Provides support to shoulder complex
  • Reduces the risk of subluxation in stroke patients
  • Alleviates soft tissue problems (sprain / strain)


Limb Holder

The limb holder provides positioning of the Limb during immobilisation period.




  • Provides positioning of limb
  • Reduces risk of unplanned extubations


Wrist Orthosis



Product Features

  • Easily worn around the wrist
  • Provides immobilisation
  • Provides compression
  • Stabilises the joint


  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Mild wrist trauma without fractures
  • Synovitis
  • Sprains
  • Inflammation
  • Post-surgical support


Thumb & Wrist Brace




  • Initial immobilisation of a displaced distal radial fracture
  • Immobilisation of the thumb
  • Immobilisation after surgical and nonsurgical treatment
  • Wrist buckle fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Acute management of injuries awaiting orthopedic intervention
  • Osteoarthritis & degenerative joint disease


Coming Soon - Functional Arm Brace

Our Kineto series of products are a good substitute for traditional plaster casts to treat stable fractures of the distal radius and humerus. They have the advantage of reducing the risk of bone healing failure, arm muscle shrinkage and stiff joint problems, etc.


Functional Arm Brace
Functional Forearm Brace
Functional Upper Arm Brace



  • Optimal management of the fracture
  • Proper alignment
  • Immediate stability
  • More rapid restoration of function
  • Low incidence of nonunion and malunion
  • Does not restrict mobility of the shoulder
  • Provides postoperative support
  • Provides immobilisation of shoulder girdle
  • Shoulder strap helps minimise stress to neck while securely supporting arm
  • Designed for left or right arm
  • Prevents supination / pronation
  • Allows to control elbow flexion / extension
  • Easily applied and removed


Multi-Cushion Air Component / Brace

The functional upper and forearm braces have a multi-cushion air system where air is pumped into the desirable level.

The multi-cushion air braces use compressed air via air cells and functional foam, providing controllable and uniform circumferential pressure on both upper arm and forearm.


The Multi-Cushion Air Brace Advantages

  • Adjustable pressure over fracture sites
  • Helps to slow bleeding
  • Decrease small vessel bleeding
  • It tampons bleeding from larger vessels by applicable high pressure (up to 300 mm Hg)
  • Evenly distributed compression
  • Air cells are integrated with aluminum shells to support and comfort
  • Easy to use



  • Humeral Shaft Fractures
  • Stable supracondylar fractures
  • Stable radial fractures
  • Lateral / medial epycondylitis
  • Muscle injuries, Sprains, Strains
  • Tendon ruptures
  • After fixation surgery (intramedullary nailing)
  • Emergency treatment

For Elbow Stiffness

  • Can be used as an elbow brace to prevent stiffness
  • Constant force can be applied to the elbow for a certain period
  • Stretches the tissues